Dr. Brian J. Fertig, MD, Diabetes & Osteoporosis Center

Conditions Treated

Other Conditions and Disorders

Beyond adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid disorders, we diagnose and treat a variety of other conditions and disorders at the Diabetes and Osteoporosis Center, including:


Millions of Americans, particularly women, are diagnosed with osteoporosis every year, and this condition causes the bones to become brittle and weak. Even coughing, bending over, or a mild fall can result in fractures. In the early stages, most patients have no symptoms, and over time, symptoms may develop, including bone fractures, back pain, loss of height, and stooped posture. This problem is often more common in patients who have too little or too much of certain hormones, including thyroid hormones and sex hormones, and it’s common in individuals with overactive adrenal and parathyroid glands. Osteoporosis is preventable, and in some cases, it’s possible to prevent the disease by treating other health problems that increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Metabolic Bone Disease

Metabolic bone diseases are often caused by abnormalities of phosphorus or calcium, bone structure, bone mass, or vitamin D. Some of the most common metabolic bone diseases include osteoporosis, parathyroid disorders, Paget’s disease, and osteomalacia. At DOC we work to use the latest in patient care, research, and technology to offer customized treatment for patients.

Calcium Disorder

Calcium disorders occur when there’s an interruption or deviation in the body’s processing, storage, utilization, abosroption, and transport of calcium. It’s essential to diagnose and treat these conditions so they can be effectively managed to help control symptoms and reduce the risk of other complex problems related to calcium disorders.

Cholesterol and Lipid Disorders

Cholesterol and lipid disorders occur when lipid levels within the body become abnormal, and this may occur due to lifestyle, aging, certain medications, or various disorders. Abnormal levels of lipids within the body, particularly cholesterol, can result in long-term health problems, including atherosclerosis, which increases the risk of stroke or heart attack. These disorders, no matter their cause, must be taken very seriously and treated appropriately to prevent further health problems.

How We Can Help

The Diabetes and Osteoporosis Center and our doctors, Dr. Brian J. Fertig, MD and Dr. Hassan Kanj, offers the latest in diagnostic testing and treatments for patients dealing with disorders like metabolic bone disease and cholesterol and lipid disorders. Not only do we offer an on-site lab to make testing convenient and fast, we offer the latest in diagnostic technology, including a BMI machine, ANSAR machine, and sosonite thyroid ultrasound. We’ll work together with you to diagnosis your problem and then come up with a treatment plan tailored to you as a patient.